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15 Best Vegan Leather Products From Doshi

The popularity of vegan leather is unwavering. Although synthetic and vegan leather is available as alternatives, leather still necessitates the use of animal skin. Additionally, it’s better for our wallets and closets in addition to the world: The majority of the time, vegan leather is less expensive than genuine leather and can be customized to meet our needs.

But not all vegan leather is made equally. Try to stay away from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, based vegan leather whenever you can. Fish and other animals swallow microplastics produced by PVC because it is not biodegradable. PVC manufacture also produces dioxin, a highly dangerous man-made pollutant that stays in the body for a very long time. We’re persuaded to use PVC as little as possible when you consider that it’s difficult to recycle and that it’s frequently combined with phthalates (chemicals that cause cancer) during production.

There is a huge discount on these products. So, buy these products right now without thinking twice.

If you want to corporate with more vegan materials, then check out these products:-

1. Lady Bag

Lady Bag-Vegan Leather

Looking for a vegan top-handle bag? Then there is no need to search as this Lady Bag continues to be Doshi’s signature luxury vegan handbag in its second version. This second version has been revamped and is bigger with longer feet and a stainless steel logo.

Price $ 189

2. Little Camera Crossbody Bag

Little Camera Crossbody Bag-Vegan Leather

This amazing little camera bag has short and broad crossbody straps that add vibrant accents to a functional bag that can be worn on the side, back, around the waist, or fastened to a belt. The quality touch that makes it stand out is provided by its piped edges and heavy hardware. 

Price $ 139

3. Evening Clutch 


This vegan clutch purse will definitely help you to get through the evening with ease because it is sleek, fashionable, and adaptable. With multiple compartments inside to manage your life. Whether that you to the theater or a posh lounge. It is the epitome of practicality.

Price $ 139

4. Slim Vegan Backpack

Slim Vegan Backpack-Vegan Leather

This incredible, strong, microfibre vegan leather shell covers the debut slim backpack, a discrete, svelte, and stylish backpack handbag. It is upgraded to 1.5 a modest revamp with a stainless steel logo and a marginally enhanced framework.

Price $ 99

5. Lux Punk Vegan Backpack

Lux Punk Vegan Backpack-Vegan Leather

This Lux Punk Vegan backpack is larger than the slim backpack with a more malleable structure. It is so soft to the touch and the most comfortable backpack. So have this comfortable backpack right now.

Price $ 139

6. Professional work Tote

Professional work Tote-Vegan Leather

Find this quite simple and perfect professional work tote that is made for smaller for daily use. It put one of the world’s best YKK zippers on it to make it look, like a perfect work companion. You can put your phone in these slip pockets and there is a card pocket where you can keep your train pass.

Price $ 249

7. Large Classic Brief 3

Large Classic Brief 3-Vegan Leather

This fancy large classic briefcase with a waxed microfiber shell is perfect for your business tours. It offers a distinctive, nostalgic shape and a great deal of organization with separated compartments. 

Price $ 299

8. Continental Wallet


This classic continental wallet with zip-around closure is well crafted from the best-in-class and luxurious vegan leather. The vertical quilting of the wallet makes it a timeless piece. 

Price $ 109

9. Our Square Reversible Belt

Our Square Reversible Belt-Vegan Leather

This perfect square reversible belt is removable so if you are not sure which size to get then in that case you can order a larger size. You can also cut this belt down to size with a heavy pair of scissors. 

Price $ 35

10. Crossbody Phone

Crossbody Phone-Vegan Leather

When you need your purse to hold just your phone and some credit cards, then this crossbody phone is perfect. So put your phone away from your hands and fit it in this amazing crossbody phone.

Price $ 59

11. Large classic brief for men

Large classic brief for men-Vegan Leather

Have this large classic briefcase with a waxed microfiber shell that offers different shapes and great sizes. It has three main separate compartments. So, plan your business trip with this super amazing comfortable briefcase.

Price $ 299

12. Original casual belt

Original casual belt-Vegan Leather

This original casual belt is so perfect to wear with jeans and that is why it has a classic stainless steel buckle and durable microfiber. This thickness of the belts is perfect heft without being overbearing. So, feel confident with this original casual belt.

Price $ 45

13. Classic Bifold Wallet

Classic Bifold Wallet-Vegan Leather

This classic bi-fold wallet is a full-sized wallet that is made up of durable, luxurious vegan leather. There is a certain classiness that comes from the rugged look of this material plus they are getting some new exciting designs. So, feel classy with this classic bifold wallet.

Price $ 45

14. Doshi Vegan Card Holder Sleeve

Doshi Vegan Card Holder Sleeve-Vegan Leather

This simple Doshi vegan cardholder sleeve is made up of supple, durable, and microfiber leather. It can comfortably hold six cards and it is perfect to carry all your valuable cards in one wallet.

Price $ 17 

15. Travel Backpack for men

Travel Backpack for men-Vegan Leather

This travel backpack is perfect for the urban adventurer. This perfect backpack was made for those who have a place for everything and this vegan luggage has never been reliable and functional. Their 2nd generation pro sports travel backpack makes a few improvements to an already excellent travel companion.

Price $ 300

Doshi is a US-based company that provides the most unique vegan products. Their high-quality vegan leather is made up of microfiber-based leather, which is the highest grade of synthetic leather that is available on their website. But besides microfiber, they are keen to bring more and more products to life that are durable, recyclable, biodegradable, and sustainable materials that exist in harmony with nature.

They have found different leather brands such as handbags, belts, wallets, backpacks, and many more for both men and women, which are stylish and high quality.

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