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How To Make a Career In Fashion Journalism

The fashion business is worth billions of dollars. It creates thousands of employment each year for photographers, designers, and models. Fashion Journalism, a creative style of news reporting that focuses mostly on fashion news, trends, shows, and designers, is at the centre of this sector. Millions of viewers actively engage with fashion journalism, making it a potent tool. This career is ideal for you if you want to write and shop for clothes. To learn more about this unusual profession, keep reading!

Job of Fashion Journalist:

Fashion journalist are in charge of writing and disseminating news stories, blogs, and articles about current fashion trends. This type of journalism, which covers everything from major designers to up-and-comers to fashion icons, is solely intended for enjoyment and promotion. A fashion journalist undertakes a wide range of tasks or jobs, including:

  • In fashion journalism, correspondents must conduct extensive study on both current and historical trends.
  • In addition to helping with model styling in fashion journalism, they are required to conduct in-depth interviews with established figures and up-and-coming designers.
  • In fashion journalism, they work as set assistants and cover a variety of occasions, including runway shows, product launches, and important fashion events.
  • They create fashion news and pieces for publications and social media.
  • They frequently snap photos and edit them with Photoshop.
  • Senior journalists and editors supervise them as they work in groups.
  • They must go to press and fashion events all over the world to obtain information such as pictures, stories, and other materials.

How to become a journalist in the fashion industry?

There are many fashion journalism colleges who provide the best degree for the course. It’s just you need to follow some steps:-

  • First, the prospective candidate must successfully complete their 10+2 level of study in any stream with at least a 50% aggregate. Then they are required to take entrance exams offered by different universities of Fashion journalism. Hence, you need to choose the best fashion journalism colleges for your course.
  • After completing a bachelor’s degree, a person can enter the workforce at an entry-level position and, with time and experience, advance to become a senior journalist, publisher, or fashion critic. They can also start their career as an intern in fashion journalism.
  • Building the ideal portfolio that showcases your originality, inventiveness, hard work, and subject knowledge can be facilitated by gaining experience and the appropriate combination of talents over time. Thus, an excellent portfolio is a must for the jobs in fashion journalism.
  • When applying for a job in fashion journalism, you must push yourself to seek out greater chances, even if that means moving to a bigger city.

Jobs Profiles in Fashion Journalism:

  • Fashion Writer:- A fashion writer is someone with expert knowledge of current fashion trends and strong oral and written communication abilities. They are incredibly skilled storytellers, and everything they write about fashion needs to be factually accurate. They write about fashion galas and events that take place all around the world.
  • Fashion Editor:-  Editors have a critical eye and ensure that the writers’ work is clear, appealing, and educational. They oversee the organising, producing, and presenting of fashion-related content that is published or shared on social media.
  • Fashion Photographer:-  An important part of making the content aesthetically appealing is the work of photographers. Their technological and artistic work improves the exhibits and clothing.
  • Fashion Critic:-  A fashion critic is a person of opinion who monitors whether content is appropriate and makes recommendations for how to raise the content’s quality.

Fashion Journalist Salaries:

Currently, the work market for journalists is highly promising. There are many job openings in a range of industries. Newspapers, magazines, journals, digests, and text print media outlets are examples of print journalism. Electronic media includes things like radio, television, and the internet. There are different structures of fashion journalism salaries with various posts.

Relevant Experience in fashion industry:

Students who want to pursue their career in the fashion industry must have these relevant skills.

  • Good command on language
  • Ability to find relevant photos
  • Follow fashion trends
  • Best communication skills
  • Social skills
  • Ability to work in teamwork
  • Possessing proficiency with Microsoft and Photoshop

Advantages and disadvantages of fashion journalism


A fashion writer might have fun while working because they get to travel and experience fascinating cities. Senior roles pay highly, and the work is quite glamorous. You spontaneously receive free clothing, sometimes even high-end items. People in the fashion industry are idolised, and there are many social opportunities.


Being a fashion journalist requires constant creativity, which may be taxing and draining on the human psyche. Even if someone is being rude or uneducated, you must constantly be polite to them in order to stay in touch. There isn’t a lot of structure to the timetable, and employees are required to work when their employers ask them to.


Due to the explosive growth of fashion journalism, it is a very popular and useful course.It is a luxurious venue for mingling with celebrities, models, designers, and prominent people.

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