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How to activate or Set-up an eSIM on  iPhone

Although Apple has supported eSIM since the iPhone Xs/XR, it has fully committed to the technology, eliminating the conventional SIM card slot for iPhone’s eSIM starting with version 14 and later sold in the United States. Although physical and virtual SIM cards will work with models sold in other nations, Apple may eventually remove the SIM slot from more countries, depending on availability. The specific guidelines differ depending on the location. The US market is the main focus of this guide. Let’s learn how to activate esim on iphone without any issues. 

What is an eSim?

eSIM is a virtual SIM card built into the phone’s circuitry, allowing users to switch between SIMs easily. Additionally, it lets users host more than two SIM cards. Up to eight SIM cards can coexist on an iPhone.

How do you configure the eSIM on an iPhone?

Typically, configuring your eSIM only requires turning on your new iPhone and following instructions that appear on the screen. 

If eSIM Carrier Activation or eSIM Quick Transfer are supported by your network provider, you can activate your eSIM while configuring your iPhone. When you buy an iPhone, your network provider grants it an eSIM through eSIM Carrier Activation. You can move the SIM card from your old iPhone to your new one using eSIM Quick Transfer without getting in touch with your network operator. Either way, turn on your iPhone and follow the prompts to activate your eSIM during setup. By following these steps, you can easily learn how to activate esim on iphone. 

Some network providers allow you to transfer a phone number from your old iPhone to your new one without contacting them. Verify that both devices are signed in with your Apple ID, or confirm that your prior iPhone, running iOS 16 or later, is unlocked, nearby, and has Bluetooth switched on.

These choices can also be used to add or move an eSIM. In the event that none of these solutions work, get in touch with your network provider to activate your eSIM using an iPhone app or a QR code.

If you bought an iPhone 14 model or later in the US, an eSIM will be required for activation. Turn on your iPhone and follow the steps to how to activate your esim on iphone using eSIM Carrier Activation, eSIM Quick Transfer, or another activation option.

After setup, move an eSIM or physical SIM from your old iPhone to your new one.

  • – Navigate to Settings > Mobile Data > Add Data Plan on your newly acquired iPhone. 
  • – To transfer from another iPhone, select a mobile data plan. Select Transfer From Another iPhone if you don’t see a list of numbers. Both devices must have iOS 16 or later to do this.
  • – To validate the transfer, see the instructions on your old iPhone. If prompted for a verification code, enter the code shown on your new iPhone. If you want to confirm, press Transfer.
  • – Hold off till your new iPhone’s mobile plan becomes activated. Your old SIM is deactivated when your new iPhone’s cell plan is activated.
  • -Tap the banner that says “Finish Setting Up Your Network Provider’s Data Plan” if it appears on your brand-new iPhone. To transfer your eSIM, a web page from your network provider will be displayed to you. Speak with your network provider if you require assistance.

Using the same iPhone, convert a physical SIM to an eSIM

You can use the same iPhone to change a physical SIM to an eSIM if compatible. Take these actions:

  • – Navigate to Settings > Mobile Data on your iPhone.
  • – Select eSIM Conversion.
  • – If Convert to eSIM isn’t visible to you, your network provider doesn’t support this feature. Contact your network operator to help transfer your phone number from a physical SIM card to an eSIM via QR code scanning or eSIM carrier activation.
  • – Select “Convert Mobile Data Plan.”
  • – Select eSIM Conversion.
  • – Await the activation of your eSIM. Your old SIM card will be deactivated once your iPhone’s cell plan is activated.
  • – Take out the actual SIM card from your iPhone. 
  • – After this, you need to restart your phone to complete the process. 

Scan a QR code

If your provider does not offer these features, you can scan a QR code from your network operator in place of eSIM Carrier Activation or eSIM Quick Transfer.

1. When configuring your iPhone, you can activate your eSIM by:

  • – Press Use QR Code when you get the Set Up Mobile Data screen
  • – Observe the directions displayed on the screen

2. After configuring your iPhone, acquire a QR code from your network operator to activate your eSIM. Next, do the following actions:

  • – Scan the QR code with the Camera app open.
  • – Tap the notice that says “Mobile Data Plan Detected.”
  • – At the bottom of the screen, select Continue.
  • – Select “Add Mobile Data Plan.”

Input the number your network operator sent you if you are prompted to input a confirmation code to activate the eSIM.

If your network operator allows app-based eSIM activation, download and install their app from the App Store, then follow the prompts.

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