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Who is Hirai Saya

Hirai Saya, a Japanese woman, lately became the buzz of the K-pop community thanks to her striking appearance and likeness to a well-known Korean pop artist. This article will include all information about Hirai Saya, the recently married wife of famous actor Shim Hyung Tak.

In a civil ceremony, actor Shim Hyung Tak of Touch Your Heart wed Japanese bride Hirai Saya. The agency representing the Korean celebrity said that the actor’s second ceremony was held in Seoul on August 20. The management company shared some sweet photos from the day as well as a note from the groom to his wife.

FULL NAMEHirai Saya 
AGE23 years 
BIRTHPLACESeoul in South Korea
PARENTS Not Available 
SPOUSE Shim Hyung Tak

Parents and Ethnicity of Hirai Saya

It is unknown what Hirai Saya’s parents’ names and occupations are. We’re also investigating the specifics regarding her brothers’ careers. The wife of Hirai Saya Shim Hyung Tak has not provided any information about her family to the media. Many think her parents are from different ethnic origins. This unique blending of two distinct civilizations must have improved Hirai Saya’s viewpoint and cultural expressions. 

Hirai Saya’s Age

Hirai Saya will be roughly 23 years old in 2023. She was born in or around 1999. Her sign of the horoscope is unknown. She follows Christianity. According to the sources, she is about eighteen years younger than her spouse, Shim Hyung Tak.

Partner of Hirai Saya

Shim Hyung Tak, a well-known actor from South Korea, is famous for his roles in several popular Korean drama series. He turned forty-five on January 12, 1978, the day of his birth. Doramon Mania is his other well-known creation. In terms of his personal life, Shim Hyung announced on April 3, 2023, that he would marry Hirai Saya Shim, a non-celebrity, in July after four months of courting.  The couple secretly married in Japan, close to Mount Fuji, on July 8, 2023. Official records of their marriage were filed on June 5, 2023.

Why Was Hirai Saya in the News Recently?

the Japanese wife of the Melting Me Softly actor, is well-known for having a lot in common with the hugely renowned Korean popstar. The internet went crazy when Hirai Saya, Shim Hyungtak’s wife, appeared on TV in “Chosun’s Lover.” When many fans noticed how much she looked like a member of the well-known KPOP trio, they were surprised. 

That idol, who is he?

Saya Hirai gained a lot of attention due to her striking facial similarity to Golden Maknae Jeon Jungkook, a trendy K-pop boy band BTS member. He is one of the most well-known pop stars in the world, both in Korea and abroad. He goes by Golden Maknae, a term used frequently by the ARMY, the BTS fandom. His versatility is the reason behind this. He is the youngest as well as the only person from the Gen Z generation. “Maknae” refers to the group member who is the youngest in K-pop. Because Jungkook is so good at almost everything, he is called “Golden.”

Saya talked about her affection for Jungkook on June 3 after this encounter, bringing up her likeness to him on social media.its hanked everyone who had pointed out how much she looked like Jungkook and endorsed BTS and Jungkook.

Hirai’s Response To The News

Previously, Jungkook hosted a live stream on May 25th in order to interact with supporters. Hirai Saya, Shim Hyung Tak’s wife, was raised by a fan. She recently made headlines due to her striking resemblance to Jungkook. “So, based on what I saw… I read the posts about the wife of Shim Hyung Tak,” replied Jungkook. Yes, we do have similar looks.

When Jungkook acknowledged me, I felt as though I was dreaming. I am appreciative. I was surprised to hear this, especially considering the strange conviction that I looked like him. Many admirers and bystanders voiced similar shock. Even though I feel horrible for BTS or Jungkook’s fans, I sincerely respect Jungkook’s thinking in light of the situation. Again, thank you, and know that I will always support BTS and Jungkook. Hirai Saya felt and stated this on the state of affairs, and the news.

Wedding of Hirai Saya

Alomalo Humain Entertainment, the agency representing Shim Hyung Tak, reportedly released photos from the wedding. Additionally, according to Soompi, comedian Moon Se Yoon presented the first half of the event, while Jun Hyun Moo presented the second. Shin Sung and Lee Seung Chul, two of our all-time favorites, sang the wedding song brilliantly.

They are mentioned alongside Shim Hyung Tak in Groom’s class. In April of this year, he had declared his intention to marry Hirai, with whom he had first met four years earlier. While he was in Japan filming a TV show, they became close.

In Conclusion

Even if details regarding Shim Hyung Tak’s wife are still unknown, the mystique surrounding Hirai Saya’s existence is increased by her deliberate secrecy. We may respect people’s right to privacy protection in their settings and acknowledge that some lives are meant to remain fascinating mysteries because of the public’s continued interest in and appreciation for these lifestyles.

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